Do you or your child struggle to focus during everyday activities while at school or work? Do you find yourself feeling scattered, distracted, and unfocused? Have ongoing stress because you feel you don't meet goals and responsibilities? At Attentive Counseling Services, we have solutions that can help. 

​Our Clinic specializes in ADHD because our clinicians and their families have personally dealt with it themselves. We understand how isolating it can be, to feel labeled with an ADHD diagnosis, or to not understand why your ADHD loved one acts the way they do. We've felt the strain of medicating without educating within our own homes. Attentive Counseling Services came from our search for answers and treatment. Because of this, we offer children, adults, and families different techniques and treatment options like Play Attention.

Play Attention is the world’s indisputable #1 learning system to improve attention, behavior, and cognitive function for ADHD children and adults. It uses powerful advancements of neurofeedback technology that allows you to control a computer game by mind/attention alone.  This technology strengthens your mind so you control your mind, it doesn’t control you. 

Our clinicians have personally seen how this system, in conjunction with therapy, improved their lives at home, school, and work. This is the primary reason why we brought Play Attention to our clients at Attentive Counseling Services. We invite you to watch our video above, read testimonials, and call us to learn more.

  • Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder 


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